Legislative Update

Sine Die – Regular Session (2017)

The 2017 Kentucky General Assembly adjourned a few minutes before midnight on Thursday, March 30, to close out this 30-day legislative session. Although considered a “short” session, much was accomplished with leaders in both the House and Senate, as well as the Governor, declaring 2017 one of the most productive sessions in recent history. The summary below outlines the issues that successfully passed this session, as well as the issues that did not make it to the finish line. Bills [...]


Week 7, Recess Break – Regular Session (2017)

The Kentucky General Assembly completed their 28th legislative day on Wednesday night, finalizing the bulk of its work for the 2017 Session. There were a few items of unfinished business that may be considered on the session’s final two days March 29 and 30; here are the issues that are key for KAM: Workers Compensation Reform – Please call your state senator at 1-800-372-7181 and ask that they pass HB 296.  HB 296, sponsored by Rep. Adam Koenig (R-Erlanger), is [...]


Week 6 – Regular Session (2017)

The Kentucky General Assembly met for only three days last week but accomplished a great deal, with heavy committee and floor activity in both the House and Senate. The legislature is in recess today and will reconvene on Tuesday and Wednesday to continue passing bills and taking concurrence votes in each chamber. Thus far, the Legislature has met 26 of the 30 legislative days reserved for the 2017 Regular Session. With two legislative days remaining this week and two [...]


Week 5 – Regular Session (2017)

Friday marked the 23rd day of this short, 30-day session of the Kentucky General Assembly. With seven days remaining, the Legislature is reaching a critical point as they work to finalize bills that will pass before adjournment. Last week, many of the remaining priority issues started moving through the process. We expect a busy week ahead although the General Assembly will only be meeting for three days, and will use Thursday and Friday as “working/recess” days. This is somewhat [...]


Week 4 – Regular Session (2017)

Although last week was a short work week due to the President’s Day holiday, the General Assembly spent many hours debating and voting on bills in both the House and Senate. Thus far, the House has passed nearly 80 bills and the Senate has passed nearly 50 bills this session. We expect both chambers to finalize action on bills that are still in their originating chamber by the middle of this week. With twelve legislative days remaining, we anticipate [...]


Week 3 – Regular Session (2017)

The General Assembly met last week and reached a key milestone for any legislative session – bill filing deadlines in both the Senate and House. Thursday was the deadline for new introductions in the Senate and Friday was the deadline in the House. In total, almost 790 bills were introduced in both chambers.  Approximately 534 bills were introduced in the House, which Speaker Hoover declared a record for a short session, and 253 bills were filed in the Senate. [...]


Week 2 – Regular Session (2017)

The General Assembly reconvened in regular session this week. You will recall that the legislature was in session January 3-7, when they passed a record seven bills in five days, including Right to Work and repeal of prevailing wage. Week two didn’t find them quite as productive, but there were several items of note for KAM members: Remaining Priorities – Though the legislature acted on some of their key priorities the first week of the session, there are still items [...]


Week 1 – Organizational Session (2017)

KAM’s Agenda is On the Move The Kentucky Association of Manufacturers (KAM) has supported and spoken in favor of both Right-to-Work and Prevailing Wage Repeal over the years, both before Legislative committees and in private conversations with legislators, as we believed that their adoption would enhance economic development in the Commonwealth. After the action of the General Assembly and the Governor last week, the adoption of those measures will become reality. In the first week of the session the legislature passed: House [...]


2016 Legislative Update…Sine Die

The Kentucky General Assembly adjourned the 2016 Regular Session shortly before midnight on Friday, April 15. Before adjourning the 60th and final legislative day, the General Assembly brought several issues to final conclusion, but most importantly, gave final passage to the state’s next biennial budget, HB 303, and highway construction plan, HB 129 and HJR 160. The budget highlights include: More than $1 billion dollars to shore up underfunded public employee pensions, including nearly $500 million that will be in the [...]


2016 Legislative Update…Week 13

The General Assembly finished their 59th Legislative Day on Friday beginning the Veto Recess, a period of time when legislators return home while the Governor considers vetoing any legislation that has passed both chambers. Both House and Senate set their return date from the Veto Recess for April 12 @ 11:00 am, when they will convene for the final day of the regular legislative session. The biggest issue of the 2016 Session, passage of a state budget, remains unresolved as [...]

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