2016 Regular Session

2016 Legislative Update…Sine Die

The Kentucky General Assembly adjourned the 2016 Regular Session shortly before midnight on Friday, April 15. Before adjourning the 60th and final legislative day, the General Assembly brought several issues to final conclusion, but most importantly, gave final passage to the state’s next biennial budget, HB 303, and highway construction plan, HB 129 and HJR 160. The budget highlights include: More than $1 billion dollars to shore up underfunded public employee pensions, including nearly $500 million that will be in the [...]


2016 Legislative Update…Week 13

The General Assembly finished their 59th Legislative Day on Friday beginning the Veto Recess, a period of time when legislators return home while the Governor considers vetoing any legislation that has passed both chambers. Both House and Senate set their return date from the Veto Recess for April 12 @ 11:00 am, when they will convene for the final day of the regular legislative session. The biggest issue of the 2016 Session, passage of a state budget, remains unresolved as [...]


2016 Legislative Update…Budget Impasse

Speaker Stumbo and President Stivers announced moments ago that the Budget Conference Committee has reached an impasse and at the current time is unable to reach an agreement on a two-year spending plan for the state. The Conference Committee was up against a deadline to get the budget agreed to and printed in time for a vote late tomorrow in order to preserve the General Assembly’s ability to override any vetoes that might be issued by the Governor. Stivers and [...]


2016 Legislative Update…Day 58

The General Assembly finished Day 58 of the 2016 Session much like they started, without a budget or a road plan and a lot of work ahead of them. After much negotiating on the budget in the conference committee, where the House and Senate each traded proposals to end the stalemate, no agreement could be reached. The two main sticking points appear to be no cuts to education for the House and more monies for pensions in the form [...]


2016 Legislature…Week Twelve Update

The politics and legislative activity for this week were dominated by the budget process. The Senate passed its budget on Wednesday, see our report HERE. The House refused to concur with the Senate version and pushed the bill into a conference committee. The budget conference committee is made up of leadership and other key members from each chamber who are charged with working out the differences and forging a final budget compromise. The key negotiating points heading for the [...]


2016 Legislature…Budget Update, Senate Version

Senate Passes Budget After 54 legislative days, all three versions of the state’s next two-year spending plan have been revealed. The Senate passed its version of the budget yesterday, just a week after the House. Here are the key provisions and differences with the Governor’s and House budgets: Budget Cuts – The Senate kept most all of the Governor’s proposed cuts to state government at 4.5% current year and 9% in FY17 and FY18. They maintained similar exemptions from the cuts [...]


2016 Legislature…Week Eleven Update

The 2016 regular session of the General Assembly is down to just nine days remaining and they continue to work on passing the most important bill of the session, the state budget. The House moved their budget through last week, and we expect the Senate to pass their budget this week. We provided an update earlier this week on the House budget HERE. The main negotiation points between the House, Senate and the Governor will be how much to [...]


2016 Legislature…Budget Update

House Passes Budget The biggest issue up for consideration this session of the General Assembly is the state budget. The state’s two-year spending plan is the one bill that legislators are required to pass in even-year sessions. That process started when the Governor presented his budget back in late-January and took another step forward Wednesday as the House passed its version of the budget. Here is a quick rundown of the key points in the House budget that are of [...]


2016 Legislature…Week Ten Update

As we have previously reported, the political situation in the House has impacted nearly everything this session, as both Republicans and Democrats postured for the possible outcome of four special elections that were held on March 8 to determine party control of the House. Well the waiting is over. This past Tuesday, voters went to the polls for special elections to fill four vacant House seats, two of which had been previously controlled by Democrats and two by Republicans. [...]


2016 Legislature…Week Nine Update

Two-thirds of the 60 legislative days for the 2016 Session have been utilized, with the General Assembly completing Day 41 on Friday. The legislature is still scheduled to adjourn on April 12. The session legislative calendar can be viewed online, but here are a few dates we are watching: March 8 – Election Day – For the four open House seats March 28 & 29 – Concurrence Days – Used primarily for concurring in bills with amendments from the second chamber March [...]

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