Are You Working On Your Business or In It?

Are You Working On Your Business or In It?

By William Hughes – Advantage Kentucky Alliance Client Manager

Have you ever seen a manager that spent most of their time-solving problems? Maybe they even considered problem-solving as one of their great strengths. They may even reward themselves with some relaxation when there are no problems to solve. Maybe they spend their time waiting for someone to bring them a problem to work on. Do you see the problem with this?

It is very common for a leader/manager to get so caught up in the day to day activities that they fail to see the overall direction in which the organization is moving. This is described as working in the business and not working on the business.
What is the difference?

Working in the business involves the day to day processes in keeping the business running.

Working on the business involves stepping back from the day to day and looking at how the business is functioning, the direction it is going, and strategically planning.

A leader/manager who gets too involved in the daily routine stifles the talents and abilities of their employees.

Stepping back allows the employees to grow and learn.

Moving your business ahead may require you to step back………. way back. Building the team is job one for the leader/manager.

One of John Maxwell’s 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership is “The Law of the Lid”. An organization can rise no higher than the capability of the leader.

We have all seen leaders/managers who thought they had to tell everyone what to do. This is the breeding ground for a stagnant operation.

Far too often a boss spends much of the time-fighting fires. Rather than working on the business, they become crisis managers. If there is no crisis they relax and think all is well.
They sit back and wait for the next crisis to come through the door. Most bosses seem pretty good at handling crisis problems.

In many cases, the employees are trained to bring the problem to the boss. This takes the responsibility away from the employees and places it squarely on the boss’s shoulders.

What is the problem with this?
• There is no long-term planning
• No one is learning anything new
• No one is focusing on the big picture

A leader/manager that spends all their time working in the business instead of on it can harm it. How? It is not about what you are doing. It is about what you are not doing.

Are you willing to step back and allow your people to grow while you help the organization plan and move forward?

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