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KAM Secures Technology Provider for Health and Wellness Screenings

CrowdBlink COVID-19 Employee Screening

Easily implement COVID-19 screening at your workplace to ensure no one is entering your location if they are displaying symptoms while automatically logging results.

As of May 11, 2020 Kentucky’s Healthy at Work initiative continued with the reopening of entities in manufacturing, distribution, and supply-chain.

The Cabinet for Health and Family Services has issued directives to all businesses which can be found here.

As a part of these minimum requirements there is a new legal requirement to:

“Conduct daily temperature/health checks.

Entities must require employees to undergo daily temperature and health checks; these checks may be either self-administered or administered by the entities prior to workplace entry. Self-administered temperature and health checks may be performed at home. Employees who have a fever and/or any symptoms of COVID-19 should be directed to their health care provider to be tested and then instructed to quarantine at home as soon as any illness is detected. This includes employees that passed a temperature and health check prior to reporting to work but became ill during the course of the day. Guidance on COVID-19 symptoms and how to conduct temperature and health checks can be found in the Health Requirements and Temperature Checks section below.”

Businesses not conducting daily health and temperature assessments will not be eligible to operate.

Since this is a new requirement which applies to everyone, KAM sourced a technology provider who can quickly and easily enable each of our businesses to re-open safely and comply with the directives from the government.

CrowdBlink Protect is a COVID-19 screening and assessment application which you can quickly deploy at your business to easily and quickly conduct these assessments and record temperature readings. Learn more about CrowdBlink in this video demo.

CrowdBlink Protect doesn’t require any infrastructure to be installed on site, and requires no paperwork or physical record keeping. It has already been deployed at the multi-billion dollar LAX airport construction project, as well as manufacturing facilities, retirement homes, and food processing plants.

Please follow this link for an overview document of the CrowdBlink Protect applicationKAM has negotiated a substantially reduced fee for our members.

For most businesses this application will effectively help you comply with government regulations, show your employees that you’re taking all steps to keep the workplace safe, and help keep your business operating for $49 per month.

To sign up with KAM’s discount, visit the application:

Click here for a demo video on CrowdBlink.

We hope this will be a useful tool as your company reboots operations.