eleVate “Rising to New Heights” Women’s Conference

Join talented and professional women who want to advance in business and life, inspire and eleVate together. The conference will eleVate knowledge in taking yourself and your business to new heights. Learn  from proven leaders sharing their journey, experiences and lessons learned, connect with colleagues and peers, and leave with real solutions and tools to better insure your success. Our goal is to engage, educate, inspire, and provide resources and contacts for women who want to eleVate themselves and their business!


 Engaging Women in a Global Economy

  • eleVate your Tomorrow with your Capacity Today
  • Maximizing Potential through Dynamic Partnerships
  • Understanding your Journey – Testimonials
  • Leveraging International Resources
  • Rise to New Heights – Business Assessment**- ($200 Value-included with ticket)

Communication in a Global Society

  • eleVate your Credibilty through Communication Nuances
  • Maximizing Communication Differences in a Diverse Society
  • Understanding 2 degrees of Separation
  • Leveraging Connections
  • Rise to New Heights with Interculture Cooperation and Its Importance for​ Survival** – Paperback or e-version book ($75 value- incuded with ticket)

Recognize your Talent; eleVate with a Strength

  • eleVate to your Balcony and Avoid the Basement with Clifton Strengths
  • Maximize Personal and Team Balance toward Sustainability
  • Understanding E Q and its Uplifting Influence on Strengths
  • Leverage Strengths in Relationships Rise to New Heights with Tom Rath’s Strengthfinders 2.0 Assessment and e-Book** (included with ticket)

WHO Should Attend?
Eager and Enthusiastic:
Mid-level managers
Entry-level Employees



Thursday, March 7, 2019
8:00 am – 4:30 pm EST


Bellarmine University – Frazier Hall
2001 Newburg Road | Louisville, KY 40205

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$179 per attendee
$149 Early bird (register by 1/31/19)