House Passes Measure Aimed at Increasing Access to Job Training

House Passes Measure Aimed at Increasing Access to Job Training

The House of Representatives unanimously passed a measure on Friday which expands the use of the Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship (KEES) to Kentucky students who seek vocational and trade school training.

House Bill 61, sponsored by Rep. Kim Moser of Taylor Mill, allows students to use KEES scholarship money earned throughout high school towards an apprenticeship program or qualified workforce training program. Qualified programs include those that are in one of Kentucky’s top five high-demand work sectors.

Moser added that the measure will expand the use of KEES money, but not the intent of the scholarships.

“Kentucky students who have earned KEES money deserve the opportunity to use that scholarship money towards a valuable opportunity to pursue education and training that will lead them straight into the workforce in high demand, rewarding career paths,” Moser said.

The Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship (KEES) is a scholarship program that rewards students for earning a high GPA, taking Advanced Placement classes and earning high ACT/SAT test scores. Essentially, the better you perform during high school, the more scholarship money you earn. Money gained through the KEES program can only be used at in-state educational facilities, incentivizing students to earn their education and training through Kentucky colleges and programs.

“By allowing KEES scholarship money to be used towards this, we are expanding the use of an effective tool to prepare our individual students for beneficial, well-paying careers while creating a skilled, prepared workforce for economic development purposes,” Moser added.

The bill is in the Senate for consideration.

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