MakeTime CEO Brings Disruptive Tech to Keynote Address at KAIA’s AutoVision Conference

MakeTime CEO Brings Disruptive Tech to Keynote Address at KAIA’s AutoVision Conference

Founder and CEO of MakeTime, Drura Parrish, will be one of the industry-leading keynote speakers at AutoVision, the KAIA’s premier conference focused on the Kentucky automotive industry.

After last year’s inaugural AutoVision conference sold out and every single participant said they’d recommend next year’s conference to anybody who would listen , the Kentucky Automotive Industry Association (KAIA) has set out to ensure this year’s conference is an even bigger success. MakeTime, a Lexington, Kentucky-based software company providing full-service, one-stop, on-demand CNC machining via a cloud-based platform, is attending and exhibiting at this year’s event. Their CEO and founder, Drura Parrish, is scheduled to give a keynote address.

About AutoVision
Hundreds of automakers, including representatives of Kentucky’s three OEMs — Ford, GM and Toyota — suppliers, engineers, marketers, educators, thought leaders and more are all slated to be in attendance for the two-day conference, which will be held September 12 – 13, 2016 in Lexington. This year, AutoVision’s aim is to visualize the future of the automotive industry with a special focus on workforce development, supply chain logistics and disruptive trends.

MakeTime at AutoVision
MakeTime and Parrish fit surprisingly well within the conference’s overall goals. Committed to bringing pioneering technological solutions to manufacturers and suppliers alike, the company does much more than just offer online CNC machining. They also provide a path to a much faster, more reliable and distributed supply chain by relying on a nationwide network of qualified suppliers. The best part is they make all that accessible through the cloud.

If that sounds somewhat disruptive, it’s because it is. While U.S. and Kentucky manufacturing have both embraced technology over the past 40 years, especially in terms of CNC machines, robotics and automation, some anachronisms remain. It’s these anachronisms MakeTime seeks to tackle and that Parrish will address when he takes the AutoVision stage.

“We’re huge fans of Kentucky’s manufacturing and automobile sectors,” says Drura Parrish, CEO and founder of MakeTime. “Getting to speak at and participate in AutoVision is an honor. Making sure our state’s auto industry stays competitive — not just in the U.S. but around the world — is one of our company’s driving passions, and we’re doing everything we can to leverage technology through our online machining platform toward that end.”

About MakeTime
MakeTime is an online platform that enables companies to produce machined components quicker and more efficiently than ever before. MakeTime does this by collecting unused CNC machine time from qualified machine shops across the United States and placing each order with the right shop for the job. MakeTime’s software helps customers streamline time-wasting processes, gives insight and transparency to a confusing process, overcomes capacity shortages and takes the mystery out of pricing. Our goal is to make CNC machining production straightforward and simple. MakeTime is located in Lexington, KY, in the heart of American manufacturing.

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