Manufacturing Month

2017 Manufacturing Month in Kentucky

Thanks to all who joined us in October for many great events, presented by the Kentucky Association of Manufacturers (KAM) and our sponsors and partners!   From our all-day Workforce Readiness Conference to our Manufacturer & Employee of the Year Awards Luncheon, we saw the best of Kentucky manufacturing from skills and successes to award-winning manufacturers and manufacturing employees.

We appreciate our sponsors and partners, whose generous support allows us to present these events!


Manufacturing Month Sponsors


Workforce Readiness & Resource Conference
This one-day conference was held at the Galt House Hotel on October 26 as a component of “Manufacturing Month” activities. This Conference was designed to bring together KY manufacturers, legislators and educators to learn what is working across the Commonwealth and nationally with regard to filling the critical skills gap.  Areas of focus included the #KYisMFG Student Video Contest Awards, how manufacturing is driving the changing paradigm, MakerMinded update, earning and learning in Kentucky, and finding the hidden workforce.  Dick Hazelton, Chairman, President & CEO (retired) with Dow Corning Corporation, offered the luncheon keynote titled The Business Case for Early Childhood Development:  Impacting the Future Workforce.


Celebrate Manufacturing Reception
Many thanks to those who joined us to celebrate Manufacturing in Kentucky—the Commonwealth’s number one contributor to the economy, ensuring prosperity and growth for all Kentuckians. We also honored retiring President & CEO, Greg Higdon. Atop the Rivue Tower, overlooking downtown Louisville and the Ohio River, memories were shared, appreciation was shown, and a few tears were shed.


Energy Awareness Breakfast
The Louisville Energy Alliance and the Kentucky Association of Manufacturers partnered to host “Energy Awareness:  Good for the Environment, Good for Business”.  This breakfast event featured industry experts presenting on best practices for optimizing manufacturing processes, energy markets, green manufacturing, and ways several businesses in Kentucky have developed and implemented continuous improvement programs. This event was well received by the attendees, and further shows KAM’s commitment to ensuring reliable and affordable energy for the manufacturing sector in Kentucky.


17th Annual Manufacturer & Employee of the Year Awards Luncheon
The Manufacturer & Employee of the Year Awards were created to focus attention on the important contributions manufacturers and industry make to their employees, customers, and communities, and the impact of manufacturing employees in their communities. These awards showcase entrepreneurial spirit, community leadership, and policy contributions made by Kentucky manufacturers and their employees to enhance the sustainable, long-term prosperity of Kentucky. Click here for winners!

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What is Manufacturing Day?
Manufacturing Day℠ is a celebration of modern manufacturing meant to inspire the next generation of manufacturers. Manufacturing Day occurs on the first Friday in October — this year Manufacturing Day is Oct 6, 2017.