Modern Medicaid Alliance Launches “Medicaid Works” Campaign in Kentucky

Modern Medicaid Alliance Launches “Medicaid Works” Campaign in Kentucky

Medicaid works. That’s the message of a new education campaign launched today by the Modern Medicaid Alliance. While political debates and policy discussions about health reform continue in Kentucky, the Modern Medicaid Alliance will educate policymakers and the public about the high value care Medicaid delivers, Medicaid’s innovative solutions that are saving taxpayer dollars and increasing coverage, and the need for Medicaid to remain a strong safety net for the people of Kentucky.

“Medicaid plays an important role in providing for the health of the local workforce and their families,” said C. Gregory Higdon, President of the Kentucky Association of Manufacturers. “Programs like Medicaid are essential to ensuring that Kentucky residents are well and able to pursue employment and contribute to our state’s growth and productivity.”

The Modern Medicaid Alliance is kicking off a statewide campaign in Kentucky that includes:

  • Organizing of Medicaid supporters, beneficiaries, and Modern Medicaid Alliance partners who will make the case to elected officials at all levels that Medicaid works
  • A digital advertising campaign that communicates the tremendous value of the Medicaid program
  • Featured stories and activities of how the modern Medicaid program provides solutions that improve health, save resources, and tell the story of beneficiaries whose lives have been improved by Medicaid.
  • A media campaign highlighting beneficiary stories and innovative Medicaid programs that improve health and save money.

“Medicaid is essential to ensuring access to health care for Kentuckians who are economically vulnerable,” said Jason D. Hall, Executive Director of the Catholic Conference of Kentucky. “Pregnant women, children, the elderly, and the economically displaced receive essential health care services because of Medicaid. When people have health coverage, they utilize preventive services more and the emergency room less. Morally and fiscally, Medicaid is an essential program.”

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