Rising Star: Matthew Miller

Rising Star: Matthew Miller

NAME: Matthew Miller

SCHOOL: Maysville Community & Technology College

AREA OF STUDY: Industrial Maintenance


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Wants to be an electrical engineer


How did you learn about and MCTC? 

I graduated with my GED last year and my instructor at SkillsU encouraged me to enroll at MCTC. My wife has also wanted me to go back to school for a long time.      

Why did you apply to the program? 

I wanted to find a career that paid well and had good job security. I also want to set an example for my kids.   

What company are you working for?  

JennMar in Winchester, KY  

What do you like most about the program?  

I really like my instructors. They have worked in my field and have practical knowledge of the subjects that they teach.  

What are your career goals? 

Eventually, I’d like to be an Electrical Engineer.  

How do you think MCTC and will help you achieve these goals? 

At first, going back to school seemed overwhelming, I didn’t think I’d last this long but Mr. Hatton has really helped me. He always points me in the right direction. 

Any words of advice for someone thinking of going back to school?
Some people say a diploma is just a piece of paper but they don’t understand all the work that it took to earn it and the lessons that came with it. 

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