Rising Star: Rob Jarvis

Rising Star: Rob Jarvis

NAME: Rob Jarvis

SCHOOL: Owensboro Technical & Community College

AREA OF STUDY: Electrical Technology & Industrial Maintenance

EMPLOYER: Regional Water Resource Agency (RWRA)


Owensboro Community and Technical College (OCTC) student, Rob Jarvis, is thankful for the work-and-learn model of GO FAME. Jarvis explains, “When you take something hands-on and you really when you see it in a book or you see it on one of these boards and then you go out there and you go like ‘Oh, that’s really how that comes together’ it really helps tie it together for me.” While Jarvis identified having to overcome many barriers to be where he is today, he now says proudly, “I used to hate going to work and now, now I enjoy what I do. It just makes a huge difference in your life.”

Jarvis is on track to earn two associate degrees, Electrical Technology and Industrial Maintenance, in May 2021.

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