Melissa Aguilar

Melissa Aguilar-Southard

Member Relations Director

Melissa Aguilar-Southard’s background has been diverse.  She was an industry profiler and trainer where she worked with multiple industries with the most important being manufacturing.  She found herself daily on the production floor of companies analyzing processes and finding ways to help employees become more efficient.  She explained she has seen “anything from shoes to homes to cookies to gaskets made”.

Aguilar has an MBA from Averett University and is an undergrad of Bluefield College.  Her career started in retail management and Aguilar explains that “her customer-driven roots” has stuck with her as a foundation in every position she has held, whether it be government, education, non-profit or private industry.

Later in her career, Aguilar was called to serve under multiple Governors in a few different states.  Her public servantship made her realize that she had a true knack for pooling resources, creating relationships, and connecting the dots between industry, education, and government.  Aguilar has consulted multiple organizations and companies all while maintaining her grounded thoughts of being simplistic, yet solutions driven.

Aguilar’s home-grown state is West Virginia; yet her forever home is now Kentucky where she is married and has five children with her husband on their Kentucky farm.