2019 Wage and Benefits Survey

Why should you participate?
Manufacturers who successfully complete the 2019 Wage and Benefits Survey will receive an electronic copy of the Kentucky Association of Manufacturers’ (KAM)  2019 Wage and Benefits Survey regional report for your LWIA and as an added incentive, you will also receive the statewide report, both compliments of KAM.

These reports provide detailed wage information for 90 different manufacturing jobs.  Wages are reported separately for union and non-union employees.  In addition descriptive measures such as mean, 25th, 50th and 75th percentiles are also shown for each job.  Furthermore, there are additional questions providing extensive information about benefits and working conditions.

Who is eligible?
All manufacturers located in Kentucky are eligible to participate.  Manufacturers with multiple Kentucky locations only need to complete one survey per location.

Data Collections
IQS Research will begin collecting data in August 2019 and the final report will be issued in October 2019. Once data collection begins, you can start the survey and answer all questions in one sitting.  You can also begin the survey, stop if you get interrupted, and restart where you left off at your convenience.

How do I get started?
If you would like to be contacted when the survey rolls off the assembly line, you need to register now for notification.  To have your company added to the notification list please send an e-mail to wageandbenefits@kam.us.com.  Please be sure to include your name, company name, and phone number.  You will then be sent an e-mail notification when data collections begin that contains instructions on how to complete your survey.   If you have any questions please feel free to call the KAM office at 502-352-2485.

What about confidentiality?
All information is collected by IQS Research, a highly respected independent research company.  At no point will your information be associated with your company name.  A list of participating companies is provided but never with their information.

About IQS Research:  Since opening its doors on April 6, 1999, IQS Research has been successfully designing and implementing customer feedback, employee feedback and market analysis studies for a vast array of companies and industries.  For more information visit www.IQSResearch.com.