2019 Wage and Benefits Survey

How do I participate?
It’s easy! Simply complete our online sign-up form via the link below. The form will ask for basic contact information so that we can send a personalized survey link right to your inbox.

Specifics & Instructions
Before you begin your survey, there are a few details you should be aware of:

  • Only ONE survey should be completed per company; thus, feel free to collaborate with your colleagues so that only survey response is submitted from your company
  • Your survey link is unique to you/your company–please DO NOT share it with anyone. Any person/company wishing to submit a survey should follow the sign-up process via the below link.
  • You may pause and resume your survey at any time by utilizing our “Save and Continue Later” feature (dark bar at the top of your page); if you choose to use this feature, be sure and ONLY re-enter the survey via the link that is emailed to you (not via the link below!).

2019 KAM Wage and Benefits Survey

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Wage and Benefits Study?
The Wage and Benefits Study is an assessment of manufacturing companies and the jobs they provide in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Manufacturing companies from all across the state participate by completing a survey that contains simple questions about the wage and benefits packages they offer to their employees.

Who can participate?
Any company with manufacturing operations within the commonwealth of Kentucky is eligible to participate—the company is not required to be based or headquartered in Kentucky, just to have manufacturing operations of some kind in the Commonwealth.

When does the survey open and close?
Data collection for this study is scheduled to coincide with parts of National Manufacturing Month. The survey will open on 10/14/19 and close on 11/15/19.

Why participate?
All companies that participate will receive access to the results of the study—a compilation of wage and benefits package data specific to manufacturing jobs and companies from all across the Commonwealth.

When will the results be ready?
The regional and statewide results will be ready in early 2020 and all participants will be notified when they are available.

Questions completing the Survey
If there are any questions completing the survey, please contact Joel Thomas (jthomas@iqsresearch.com) or 502-244-6600.

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