Kentucky Association of Manufacturers Announces 2022 LawMaker Award Recipients

Frankfort, KY. – The Kentucky Association of Manufacturers (KAM) is proud to announce the 2022 LawMaker Award.

The LawMaker Awards presented by KAM are given to Kentucky Lawmakers who have made outstanding efforts in the General Assembly to protect manufacturers.

“We are grateful for these legislators who make manufacturing a priority in Frankfort,” said Frank Jemley, President and CEO of KAM. “Thanks to our lawmakers, Kentucky continues to be a leader in manufacturing. We look forward to working with all of the lawmakers in 2023 to ensure Kentucky remains business-friendly.”

The 2022 Recipients are:

Senate Majority Leader Damon Thayer of Georgetown (Senate District 17)

Senate Appropriations and Revenue Chairman Chris McDaniel of Ryland Heights (Senate District 23)

Senate Health & Welfare Chairman Ralph Alvarado of Winchester (Senate District 28)

House Majority Floor Leader Steven Rudy of Paducah (House District 1)

State Representative Adam Bowling of Middlesboro (House District 87)

State Representative Samara Heavrin of Leitchfield (House District 18)

Senate Majority Floor Leader Thayer:
“I appreciate KAM for recognizing my colleagues and me with this award, a testament to the legislature’s commitment to growing Kentucky’s economy through sound public and fiscal policy. My home of Georgetown is home to Toyota’s largest manufacturing facility, employing over 8,000 people and making Georgetown one of the fastest-growing cities in the state. I take personal pride in Kentucky’s strong manufacturing sector and will continue to be a strong supporter of its continued growth.”

Senate Budget Chair Chris McDaniel:

“I believe the key to economic prosperity in Kentucky begins with opportunities for working Kentuckians and the employers who make those opportunities possible. Our manufacturing industry is a key component in that. As Senate budget chair, I am proud of the legislature’s fiscal discipline and commitment to comprehensive tax reform that has created an economic environment more friendly to business. The state has seen unprecedented levels of investment since 2017 and has set records year after year. Much of this investment is from the manufacturing industry, so we appreciate those manufacturers recognizing everything Kentucky offers.”

Senator Ralph Alvarado:

“It’s an honor to receive this recognition. I appreciate KAM’s advocacy and focus on supporting Kentucky’s manufacturing industry. Kentucky has done a stellar job of attracting new business investments over the past six years, and it is important we also have a workforce available to meet demands. I’m grateful for the partnership between the legislature and KAM to increase Kentucky’s manufacturing footprint and identify ways to equip the workforce with the skills necessary to fill positions.”

House Majority Floor Leader Steven Rudy:

“This award is a great honor and I appreciate that KAM has taken the time to recognize what the legislature has accomplished on behalf of all Kentuckians. The results of our efforts can be measured in jobs, economic investment, and increased opportunities – but we’re just getting started. We’re committed to Kentucky and to helping Kentuckians build a better life,” Rudy added. “I also appreciate the role KAM plays in our efforts, after all the manufacturing sector plays a big role in realizing our potential.”

State Representative Adam Bowling:

“Manufacturing has changed dramatically over the past two to three decades and state government’s approach to the industry must reflect that change. What I loved the most about HB 45 is that we use technology and manufacturing to address an environmental problem. Good policy for economic development and good policy for the environment. This is the kind of win-win you don’t often see. I appreciate KAM’s efforts to work with the legislature to shape the kind of public policy that benefits the industry, those who work in manufacturing, and all Kentuckians,” Bowling said.

State Representative Samara Heavrin:

“I appreciate this recognition, particularly because it reflects my commitment to make our commonwealth the best place to live and work,” Heavrin said. “If we’re going to continue building our economy we have to address our labor shortages. That means eliminating the barriers that keep people from getting a job and without a doubt one of the biggest is lack of access to quality child care. HB 499 is a giant step in the right direction and KAM’s efforts played an integral role in getting the bill across the finish line.”



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