Policy & Advocacy

2022 Legislative Priorities

Read our full list of priorities for 2022 here.

KAM - Working for Manufacturers in Frankfort and Washington D.C.

All of Kentucky’s manufacturing community receives the benefits of KAM’s ongoing advocacy efforts to protect and create a manufacturing-friendly environment in the Commonwealth whether they are currently KAM members or not. KAM strives every day to advocate for the development of public policies that effectively remove the economic uncertainty from the following focus areas and thereby create an environment for business growth and prosperity in the Commonwealth:

  • Healthcare reform that increases costs, reduces quality and delays delivery of services;
  • Energy policies which drive-up costs, create tax increases and cause the loss of jobs at a time when we need them most;
  • Taxes & fees that are unfair, out of balance and counter-productive;
  • Unreasonable government regulations which hinder business growth;
  • Inefficient government that wastes our precious human and financial resources;
  • Ineffective trade policies which reduces business opportunities; and
  • Lack of a highly skilled workforce to produce globally competitive products.

Our Advocacy Team

KAM is one of the state’s oldest business organizations, as such we have one of the most effective advocacy teams in the Commonwealth fighting for our members. Whether in Frankfort or Washington, D.C. our members are represented by the best in the business.

Established in 1911, the Kentucky Association of Manufacturers is Kentucky’s leading advocate for the manufacturing economy in the Commonwealth. Manufacturing employs over 250,000 Kentuckians, has the largest economic multiplier of any major sector, and accounts for 58% of private-sector research and development nationwide. Our mission is to strengthen and grow a manufacturing-friendly business climate that fosters investment, job growth, and increasing prosperity across Kentucky’s economy. Beyond our advocacy for manufacturing and economic growth, we educate, connect, and provide cost-saving programs and products to our member companies and their employees.