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KAM - Working for Manufacturers in Frankfort and Washington D.C.

In the short time that I have been at the helm of the Kentucky Association of Manufacturers, I have learned that KAM’s advocacy efforts are one of the most valuable benefits that we provide to our members and the manufacturing sector. Our members have a very good understanding of how their operations are impacted by government. In response to that, KAM has allocated its resources to make advocacy a top priority.

It is difficult for an individual plant manager to understand the complexities of government and keep tabs on 138 legislators, 435 congressmen, or the activities of numerous regulatory agencies. This is where KAM shines. We work with an extraordinary team of lobbyists in Frankfort that is experienced, well connected and well-respected to take our message to the General Assembly. We have representation in Washington D.C. as well through our relationships with BIPAC and the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM).

From time to time we will need your assistance to determine the impact bills will have on your operations and may ask you to contact your legislators to share your concerns. Never doubt the impact that direct communication has on legislation! Democracy requires participation on both the part of legislators and those affected by the legislation passed by the General Assembly.

The same is true of business today. Manufacturers can no longer sit on the sidelines and hope that government will act in our best interests. KAM invests heavily in our advocacy efforts, but you are an integral part of the team. Without your critical input and communications with legislators, our KAM Team could not be as effective in Frankfort and Washington.

Please contact us in Frankfort if you have questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding legislative activity affecting your operations. We are here for you!

Lee Lingo, Executive Director

All of Kentucky’s manufacturing community receives the benefits of KAM’s ongoing advocacy efforts to protect and create a manufacturing-friendly environment in the Commonwealth whether they are currently KAM members or not. KAM strives every day to advocate for the development of public policies that effectively remove the economic uncertainty from the following focus areas and thereby create an environment for business growth and prosperity in the Commonwealth:

  • Healthcare reform that increases costs, reduces quality and delays delivery of services;
  • Energy policies which drive-up costs, create tax increases and cause the loss of jobs at a time when we need them most;
  • Taxes & fees that are unfair, out of balance and counter-productive;
  • Unreasonable government regulations which hinder business growth;
  • Inefficient government that wastes our precious human and financial resources;
  • Ineffective trade policies which reduces business opportunities; and
  • Lack of a highly skilled workforce to produce globally competitive products.

Our Advocacy Team

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