Labor Relations in the Wake of COVID-19: What Can Manufacturers Expect?

By Paul Goatley, Fisher Phillips, LLP If you think you can ignore this article because your employees are not represented by a union, you should continue reading.  Companies that survived the COVID-19 pandemic must prepare for a new wave of labor relations challenges in its wake.  The pandemic and widespread economic shutdown intended to contain […]

Superior Cooling Tower Water Filtration is Key to Protecting Industrial Processes

Multi-element, automatic self-cleaning strainers optimize cooling and process efficiency, while minimizing maintenance and downtime In industrial facilities such as manufacturing/processing plants, mills/forges, and refineries, cooling towers are often used to remove heat from machinery, heated process material/fluids, buildings and other sources by exchanging the heat using water or chemical solutions as a coolant. However, when […]

Using an Accurate Food Composition Analyzer to Stay on Top of Consumer Trends

One quick, nondestructive test can provide simultaneous analyses for compliant nutritional labeling, enhanced quality, and reduced cost With consumers more focused on health and nutrition today, and empowered by the Internet to follow the latest trends, food companies that cater to their needs will be rewarded and those who lag behind punished by a growing […]

March 2020 Update from KY Agriculture Commissioner Dr. Ryan Quarles

By Dr. Ryan Quarles, Commissioner of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture It’s budget season in Frankfort, and we are working hard to advocate for reasonable, commonsense solutions for all of Kentucky’s families and businesses. At the time of this writing, we have passed numerous bills this session dealing with everything from E-15 to hemp, and […]

Hiring Tax Incentives

Companies can receive tax credits for hiring employees that either live in a certain location or are part of a target group of individuals. Hiring Tax Credits can dramatically impact a company’s federal tax liability. Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) This federal tax credit reduces the federal tax liability of employers. Eligibility for this credit […]

Cybersecurity Threats to Manufacturers

By Elliot Forsyth, Vice President of Business Operations at the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (The Center) Manufacturers are increasingly under threat from cyberattacks. This is a real concern not just because of the typical business vulnerabilities (e.g., stolen intellectual property, ransomware) but because in today’s increasingly connected world, a successful infiltration from a cybercriminal could […]

HSAs & Spouses on Medicare

By McGriff Insurance Services Q: We have an employee that presently covers his family under a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) and is making the maximum family level contribution into an HSA. The employee’s spouse will turn 65 next July and will then be covered under Medicare Part How does the spouse’s Medicare enrollment affect […]

You May Not Be Thinking About ISO 45001, But Your Customers and Competitors May Be

By Robert Smith, Fisher Phillips Safety Solutions LLC and George D. Adams, Fisher Phillips LLP The International Organization for Standardization (ISO), with the help of Safety and Health experts from more than 70 countries, developed ISO 45001. It is intended to help companies significantly reduce workplace injuries and illness, dramatically improve employee productivity and quality, […]

Taking an Incremental, Multi-Stage Approach When Upgrading Aging DCS Systems

Addressing gaps, potential risks and islands of automation on a staged basis minimizes costly disruptions to operations and provides greater flexibility as equipment and data needs evolve over time As Distributed Control Systems (DCS) age, there can be increasing risks to the process manufacturer.  An old or obsolete DCS system may no longer be supported […]

KAM Executive Director Lee Lingo Interview with Tom Roten of WVHU – 10.18.19

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Our Executive Director Lee Lingo joined Tom Roten on October 18 to discuss our Wage and Benefits Survey, our Excellence in Manufacturing Summit, and the state of manufacturing in Kentucky. LISTEN NOW More about Wage & Benefits: More about our Summit:[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]