Kentucky Association of Manufacturers Board Urges Full Support of Ukraine

For Immediate Release

June 29, 2023 


Laura Brooks, [email protected], 606.584.4572

Frankfort, Kentucky – The Kentucky Association of Manufacturers (KAM) Board of Directors has unanimously adopted a resolution condemning Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine and urging the President and Congress to do everything necessary to ensure Ukraine defeats Russia’s illegal invasion, in the first such public statement by Kentucky business leaders.

The resolution has been sent to President Biden, the leadership of the Congress, and all eight members of Kentucky’s Congressional Delegation. The KAM Board approved the resolution at its recent second quarter meeting in Edmonton, Kentucky. The resolution can be accessed here.

“Russia’s unprovoked and illegal invasion of Ukraine is inflicting almost unimaginable pain and suffering on the brave Ukrainian people,” said John-Mark Hack, KAM Board Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer of Lexington-based Thoroughbred Engineering and Hargett Construction. “The war is also directly affecting Europe’s and America’s economies, including the work of many Kentucky companies, but its effects will be even more dire if Ukraine is defeated, for the Ukrainian people, most importantly, and for freedom-loving people everywhere. There is no free enterprise without freedom. As our resolution notes, Ukraine’s struggle is America’s struggle.”

“As business community leaders, we have a responsibility to speak to the most important challenges facing America and the American economy,” said Frank Jemley, KAM President and CEO. “Russia’s barbaric attack on Ukraine not only threatens the freedom and safety of the Ukrainian people and society. It is a direct threat to American and NATO values, to American and European economic security and growth, and it is disrupting the supply chains of Kentucky companies. We urge the President and our Congressional Delegation members to continue to do everything in their power to support the courageous Ukrainian people, ensure their victory, and hasten the restoration of their country.”


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