KAM and AffirmedRx Announce Partnership to Drive Down Pharmaceutical Costs

AffirmedRx and KAM partner to provide innovative pharmacy benefit management model to help Kentucky employers improve patient-centric health outcomes

LOUISVILLE, Ky, July 18, 2023 – AffirmedRx, a Kentucky-based leading provider of transparent pharmacy benefit management (PBM) services, announced a strategic partnership with the Kentucky Association of Manufacturers (KAM) to provide employers a significantly improved pharmacy benefit model. This groundbreaking collaboration empowers KAM members through more transparent, cost-effective, and tailored pharmacy benefit solutions that will enhance employee access to quality, affordable prescription medications.

KAM members can learn more about the benefits here.

AffirmedRx is revolutionizing the troubled pharmacy benefit industry by offering a comprehensive suite of services that prioritize the needs of employers, members, and health care providers. Through its cutting-edge technology and commitment to clarity, AffirmedRx helps organizations gain greater control over their pharmacy benefits and achieve substantial cost savings without compromising quality of care for their employees.

Partnering with the Kentucky Association of Manufacturers marks a significant milestone for AffirmedRx, as it expands its reach into the manufacturing industry and further solidifies its position as the trusted PBM provider for Kentucky employers. Together, AffirmedRx and KAM will address the unique challenges faced by manufacturers in managing their employees’ pharmacy benefits while maximizing their resources.

“We are thrilled to partner with the Kentucky Association of Manufacturers to bring exceptional, more transparent PBM services to their esteemed members,” said Greg Baker, CEO of AffirmedRx. “Manufacturers play a crucial role in Kentucky’s economy, and we recognize the importance of providing them with innovative, cost-effective solutions to optimize their pharmacy benefits and improve health care outcomes for their employees.”

“We are excited to become AffirmedRx’s business community partner here in Kentucky,” said Frank Jemley, KAM’s President and CEO. “Health care has become a competitive disadvantage for American companies, whether they compete locally, nationally, or globally. It’s time to turn the tide on ever-increasing health care price increases. Our partnership with AffirmedRx will put a significant dent in what Kentucky companies, their employees, and their dependents have to spend for their prescription medications. We expect many, many Kentucky businesses and families will be surprised and impressed by what AffirmedRx can do for them.”

Through this collaboration, KAM members will gain access to AffirmedRx’s comprehensive suite of innovative PBM services, including transparent pricing, formulary management, medication therapy management and robust data analytics. AffirmedRx’s advanced technology platform will enable KAM members with real-time visibility into their pharmacy benefit utilization, allowing them to make informed decisions that optimize costs while prioritizing access to quality care.

“AffirmedRx and KAM are poised to transform the way manufacturers in Kentucky manage their pharmacy benefits,” added Baker. “By leveraging cutting-edge technology, transparent pricing and personalized solutions, this partnership will empower more employers to reduce costs, streamline operations and improve the overall well-being of their employees. Together, we can change the narrative on PBMs and bring the transparency to the drug pricing process that employers expect and deserve.”


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